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1.F1 Circus
2.F1 Race
3.F1 Sensation
5.Famicom Grand Prix - F1 Race
6.Famicom Jump - Eiyuu Retsuden
7.Famicom Jump 2-Saikyou no 7 Nin
8.Famicom Tantei Club Part II
9.Famicom Tantei Club
10.Famicom Top Management
11.Famicom Wars
12.Famicom Yakyuu Ban
13.FamicomGrandPrix II-3D HotRally
14.Family Block
15.Family Circuit 91
16.Family Circuit
17.Family Composer - DEMO
18.Family Jockey
19.Family Mahjong
20.Family School
21.Family Stadium
22.Family Trainer - Jogging Race
23.Family Trainer-Aerobics Studio
24.Family Trainer-Athletic World
25.Family Trainer-Dai Undoukai
26.Family Trainer-Manhattan Police
27.Family Trainer-Meiro Daisakusen
28.Family Trainer-Running Stadium
29.FamilyComputer DiskSystem BIOS
30.FamilyTrainer-Fuun TakeshiJou 2
31.FamilyTrainer-Rairai Kyonshiizu
32.Famista '89 Kaimaku Ban!!
33.Famista '90
34.Famista '91
35.Famista '92
36.Famista '93
37.Famista '94
38.Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy
39.Fantasy Zone 2
40.Fantasy Zone
43.Felix the Cat
44.Fengshen Bang
45.Ferrari Grand Prix Challenge
46.Fester's Quest
47.Fighting Golf
48.Fighting Road
49.Final Combat
50.Final Fantasy 2
51.Final Fantasy 3
52.Final Fantasy
53.Final Fight 3
54.Final Lap
55.Final Mission
56.Fire Bam
57.Fire Emblem Gaiden
58.Fire Emblem
60.Fist of The North Star
62.Flight of the Intruder
63.Flipull - An Exciting Cube Game
64.Flying Dragon-The Secret Scroll
65.Flying Hero - Blazebusters
66.Flying Warriors
67.Formation Z
68.Formula One- Built To Win
69.Foton - Ultimate Game On Earth
70.Frankenstein - T.M.R
71.Freedom Force
72.Friday the 13th
73.Fudou Myouou Den
74.Fun House
75.Fuuun Shaolin Kyo
76.FuuunShaolinKyo-Ankoku no Maou
77.Fuzzical Fighter

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